Sounds True Online Courses Application

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This application provides custom online training courses for It currently serves over 50 unique courses to 15,000 users and is the top grossing online product at Sounds True.

Primary Features

  • Serve any number of course instances each with their own unique theme and content.
  • Content is grouped into “sessions” which can have any number of pages. Each session can also hold an “event”.
  • Events are sections on the home page that display date-driven access to live online broadcasts. Broadcast recordings can also be posted to the Event after the broadcast for on-demand playback and download.
  • Pages can hold custom HTML content and use widgets to display on-demand audio and video, downloadable resources, and interactive workbook questions. New features can also be added with custom widgets.
  • User authentication with the Magento API.
    Courses are purchased from the Sounds True ecommerce platform and accessed through the online digital library of a user’s account.
  • Built with Java running on Tomcat and MySQL. Uses continuos JSP file deployment for easier content updates.


Sounds True Online Courses application UI wireframes.
Sounds True Online Courses application UI wireframes.

Design Assets

Sounds True Online Courses design assets.
Sounds True Online Courses application instance design assets.