Web and Email Safe Fonts

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Data source:

Note: Default fonts are supplied by the operating system so for the widest support both the PC and Mac font names, as well as the generic font typeface (serif, sans-serif, monospace, and cursive) should be referenced in the CSS font-family definition.


Webfonts are fonts hosted online which can be imported into a page or email. Webfonts allow for a much wider selection of fonts. Without webfonts, pages should only use the default fonts available.

Email-Safe Webfonts

Data source:
  • No web-based email clients currently allow webfonts (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc).
  • Of the clients which support fonts, only two online services can be used:
    Google Fonts:
    WebType :
  • For Mobile Devices, iOS Mail client for the iPhone/iPad and Android (default client, not Gmail) support webfonts.
  • For Desktops, Apple Mail, Outlook 2000 and up, and Thunderbird clients support webfonts.