Jump Links

When a jumplink is used, it scrolls the browser window to a specific element on the page.
You can link to any element with an id attribute.

Placing a hashtag followed by the target elements ID at the end of a URL will cause the browser to scroll-to the top of the target element.

Note: In HTML5 the name attribute on the <a> element is obsolete. The name attribute was often used in HTML4 for jumplinks.

<!-- The target object. -->
<div id="my-target-element">Target element here.</div>

<!-- On-page link. -->
<a href="#my-target-element">Jump-To My Element</a>

<!-- Off-page link. -->
<a href="http://example.com/some-page#my-target-element">Jump-To My Element</a>

<!-- With parameters. -->
<a href="http://example.com/some-page?parama=1&paramb=2#my-target-element">Jump-To My Element</a>