PWA Progressive Web Apps

What is a PWA?

A Progressive Web App is a web page which can function like a native app.

  • Works offline.
  • Support push notifications via service workers.
  • Get access to the underlying device features like camera and file system.
  • You can now find PWAs in Google Play store, Apple Store, Windows Store and more.
  • Installable.
  • Can have offline support.
  • Microsoft and Google loves PWAs.


  • Get away from app stores and vendor limitations. The average user installs 0 new apps on all the top platforms.
  • Cost of supporting multiple native implementations is heavy.

Why Not?

  • Will not be native UI.
  • Raw processing.

Service Worker

  • Can intercept network calls like Fetch. Cache network calls.
  • Notifications are registered to the device, so the app can get updates when the browser is closed.
  • Service workers cannot manipulate the DOM.